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Dr. med. Olaf Thorsten Beck has specialised in hip, knee and ankle joints for over 15 years.

A sports injury can often cause cartilage damage, but we do everything we can to avoid a prosthesis and preserve your natural meniscus. Our results are praised by competitive athletes. Schedule an appointment today for your diagnosis.

Why arthroprax is the best choice for joint problems

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Specialist for hip, knee and ankle joints
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Use of state-of-the-art regenerative treatments
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The practice team

We are pleased to welcome you to our team page. German, English and Spanish are spoken in our practice. Sabemos hablar espanol.

The doctor - Dr. med. Olaf Thorsten Beck

After completing his training, Dr. med. Beck has been working in the sector of joint surgery of the hip and knee joint since 2002. During this time he worked under the supervision of Dr. Rolf Walter, who performed knee joint-preserving operations on football, ice hockey and handball league players.

In recent years, Dr. med. Beck has been able to continue his training in the field of joint-preserving surgery. Using minimally invasive techniques, joint prostheses, especially at the knee joint, can be significantly delayed. Thanks to his many years of experience in joint surgery, Dr. Beck can provide you with comprehensive advice and care in this field.

Sports Medicine:

Through Dr. med. Beck's further training, he has expertise in this field. He also supervises the Velio medical fitness studio in Rodenkirchen on a sports medicine level, where he also regularly gives sports medicine and orthopaedic lectures.



  • 2016: Speaker ESSKA Congress Barcelona "Cartilage induction procedures".
  • 2017: Sports Physicians' Congress Lisbon "Therapy of Cartilage Damage in Athletes 
  • 2019: ACCART Congress Colombia 
  • 2019: ICART Rome 
  • 2019: Lectures at universities in Beijing and Hainan
  • 2020: Webinar Colombia - on regenerative cartilage and meniscus surgery with Colombian university doctors
  • 2020: Webinar India
  • 2023: ICRS - International Cartilage Repair Society
  • 2023: ACCART Congress Colombia
  • Member of the scientific advisory board at various congresses

Curriculum vitae:

  • 1998: Medical state examination 
  • Doctor in internship until 2000
  • 2002: Doctorate at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg 
  • Army doctor until 2002
  • St. Josef Hospital Essen Orthopaedics/Accident Surgery until 2005
  • St. Elisabeth Hospital Oberhausen until 2012 
  • 4 years senior physician in the joint surgery/endoprosthetics section
  • Homologation of the title of Doctor of Medicine by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
  • 2012: Validation of the title of Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Medical advisor at the German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement
  • 2017-2019: Head of Orthopaedics and Traumatology International Medical Center Juaneda Palma de Mallorca
We treat you in our practice in Cologne at Weißer Str. 22. Contact us at any time with your questions or if you need further information. We are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 08:00 - 15:00 and on Wednesday and Friday from 08:00 - 12:00. Appointments on Saturdays by appointment only.
Years of excellence
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Petra Beck

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  • Human Resources Management
  • QM representative
Leading expert in cartilage regeneration

Internationally recognised specialist for cartilage regeneration

As a specialist in cartilage regeneration, Dr Olaf Th. Beck now advises international institutions in Europe, South America and China on regenerative treatment procedures. New this year is the Hungarian National Institute for Sports Medicine.

It is now clear that other countries have a much greater interest in regenerative procedures than is the case in Germany.

Within the framework of these cooperations, Dr. Olaf Th. Beck himself travels to foreign locations and receives international colleagues for job shadowing in his practice in Cologne.

Dr. Beck has been a specialist in cartilage regeneration for more than 15 years and is considered a leading international expert in this field in Europe, South America and China.
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